Paintless Dent Removal, also referred to as paintless dent repair, refers to a way of removing small dents from your car’s body using only paintless methods. Many cars have dents built into the dash and or the hood over time. Sometimes these dents will not pop out by themselves and will need to be taken care of through paintless dent repair. These repairs can save you a lot of money if they are taken care of professionally by a specialist and painted after so they do not look unsightly any longer. Even if your car has no dents it could be worth taking your car to a specialist to have it checked over for further damage.

Paintless Dent Repair

Most dents occur from road debris such as stones kicked up from passing vehicles, other road users driving in front of you, or heavy objects left on the road by motorists travelling behind you. Some dents can occur when your vehicle moves while you are at speed, such as when making a sharp turn or pulling out of a tight spot. Paintless dent removal works by injecting a special epoxy polymer into the damage to either remove it completely or to make it less noticeable so that your car or truck looks like new again.

Epoxy is a strong chemical that bonds with the damaged panel of your car or truck. It fills the entire panel in order to provide an impenetrable barrier to prevent further damage or repairs. The advantage of using epoxy is that it provides a non-damaging solution to repairing your paintless dent repair. By filling the panel, the damaged panel has been sealed and protected from further damage. In addition to providing a paint protection, a body filler will fill in any scratches on your panel so that they are less noticeable and not so obvious to the naked eye.