Paintless dent repair, also known as paintless dent removal, is a type of auto repair that can remove minor dents from a car without requiring the use of paint. The technique can be used on steel or aluminum panels, and can remove a wide variety of damage. Whether your car has a ding, a professional can repair it without any visible damage.

Paintless Dent Repair

The process is easy to perform, and requires minimal time. If the dent is too large, a body filler or repainting may be required. Luckily, PDR is a fairly simple process. Qualified technicians will use metal rods, special tabs, or abrasive materials to push the dent out. In most cases, a vehicle can be repaired within a few hours.

The process is best suited for car panels with a shallow or medium-sized dent. A dent that is too deep may require body filler, or a full repaint. Sharp dents, however, may not be appropriate for PDR. To determine if you should seek professional help, Dent Busters offers free estimates and guarantees the work. Once you’ve made the decision, there’s nothing to lose.

Most minor dents can be fixed with paintless dent repair. This process is faster than traditional car body repairs, and it can even fix dents that are too large. The size of the dent doesn’t matter; it’s the extent of the stretching of the paint that determines how much it will need to be repaired. The process is usually completed in a couple of hours, and the quality of the repairs can be excellent.