When you have a dent on your vehicle, a paintless dent repair service can help you remove it. This process relies on the “metal memory” of your vehicle, which means that it will return to its original shape if pushed sufficiently. The more severe the ding is, the harder it will be to pull out the paint. This process is best used for quarter-sized dents, which may not be easy to remove.

When you are looking for paintless dent repair, look for a certified professional who specializes in the process. This technique is extremely effective in repairing a variety of small dents, and can save you a great deal of time and money. Unlike conventional auto body repair, paintless dent repair can also be done at any time, so if you have a dent in your car, it will likely require a little bit of time to fix.

Although paintless dent repair isn’t an effective method for repairing more serious damage, it is a good idea if you are in need of a temporary solution. Often times, it’s better to apply body filler before repainting the damaged area. Fortunately, there are many locations that offer this type of service. For example, CARSTAR Monmouth Collision is a paintless dent repair facility in Monmouth, NJ.